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Doctor Cidon

Doctor Cidon Madrigal is one of the most important specialists in the area of weight loss and obesity treatment. Dr. Cidon attended medical school at the University of Salamanca and earned his Doctorate in Biological Sciences at the Madrid Polytechnic University. For the past 25 years, he has been dividing his time between his two clinics in Madrid and Salamanca.

Dr. Cidon completed his formal university education with a masters in diet and nutrition from Navarra University and a Masters in Acupuncture from University Complutense in Madrid. He also specialized in homeopathy at the International Confederation of Societies of Homeopathy and Biotherapy of Laussane (Switzerland).

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Weight Loss

Dr. Cidon Madrigal is one of the most prestigious experts in the field of weight loss and the treatment of overweightness and obesity through biological medicine. Dr. Cidon utilizes methods based on investigations conducted by prestigious universities.

First, we will evaluate the degree to which you are overweight and then use Bioelectric (Impedancia) to give us an exact measurement of your FAT and FFM and what your ideal weight should be.

Study Your Obesity:
Medical science has always related overeating to obesity and being overweight, which is only partially true. Eating in excess does leave more fat deposits in the body, but many people gain weight without overeating. Here at Dr. Cidon’s clinic, we realize that if we were all the same, we would all gain weight in the same areas, but as we know, people gain weight in different places. We realize that important difference between people as differences in types of obesity, and, therefore, we treat each differently.
We treat the obesity at the source of the problem, to eliminate it for good.


Is it possible to quit smoking?
Quitting tobacco is not impossible. In fact, it’s easier than you think. Just because you have failed before does not mean that you should give up. In Dr. Cidon’s clinics, we have years of experience treating tobacco addiction. People from around the country and even abroad have sought our services and succeeded in leaving behind their addictions.

What does the treatment consist of?
We use a combined method that consists of various therapies, all free of secondary effects; in other words; we won’t help you quit smoking only to leave you addicted to nicotine inhalers or dependent on anything else.

The Four Phases of Treatment:
. Detoxification
. Desensibilization to the components of tobacco
. Withdrawl prevention, without the use of drugs.
. Subliminal therapy to reinforce your will power.

In general, these steps which take place over the course of a single day in the clinic are sufficient therapy. However, when necessary, we offer support or reinforcement therapies in the following days without additional cost to the patient.

Intragastric Balloon Placement

We place a soft silicone balloon filled with 500-600 cc of saline solution into the stomach using an endoscope, and let it float freely in the gastric cavity. The balloon lessens your feelings of hunger and allows you to feel satisfied sooner into meals. With the balloon’s two effects, it is easier to maintain a healthy and adequate diet to lose weight and keep it off in the following months.

How does it work?
The balloon itself does not produce weight loss but rather facilitates favourable conditions; the patient must watch his or her diet as the balloon helps by decreasing feelings of hunger and allowing for more rapid feelings of satisfaction. Unlike many other weight loss methods and diets, the intragastric balloon does not leave the patient feeling constantly unsatisfied and hungry.

Who is Eligible?
Candidates for this treatment are between the ages of 18 and 70, with a body mass index between 30 and 40, which corresponds to about 15 to 25 kg overweight. You should not undergo this procedure if you have endocrine problems, have undergone previous gastric surgery, hernia, or severe blood coagulation problems.

What are the side effects?
During the first days following the procedure, it is normal to feel nauseous, to vomit, and stomach pains as the stomach tries to rid itself of the balloon. Apart from these initial hurdles, there are no other undesirable effects.


Some medical professionals attribute the success of acupuncture to a placebo effect, but acupuncture is a widely practiced and widely successful method of neurophysical and neurohormonal stimulation. Acupuncture has developed from an ancient art into a scientifically based therapy.

Acupuncture has a wide range of both preventative and curative uses including digestive, sight, respirative, and rheumatic treatments. But in order to assure yourself that you are in safe hands, be sure that you come to us, or another Acupuncture Doctor because, unfortunately, at present, opportunists without medical degrees have taken to practicing acupuncture, leaving their patients in worse pain than they came in with.


Mesotherapy is a non-surgical, homeopathic, and cosmetic treatment which employs multiple injections of pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications, plant extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients into the subcutaneous fat to target adipose fat cells by inducing cell death and rupture among the body’s adipocytes.

Mesotherapy permits us to treat celulitis with the guarantee of security and effectiveness that had not existed up until now.


Although many believe that celulitis is an accumulation of fat in various parts of the body, the condition is actually more complicated. Celulitis is a result of improper local circulation and the body’s inability to drain fat cells and adipocytes correctly. Therefore, cellulite is the liquid impurity that remains in an area, thickens, and produces collagen.

Solutions to celulitis include mesotherapy, lymphatic draining, presotherapy (physical therapy consisting of a pneumatic draining of edemas that may be causing weight gain, used in conjunction with other therapy), and liposuction.


The word homeopathy is derived from the greek homeo (similar) and pathos (sickness). Homeopathy is a therapeutic system in which the patient is given certain substances that would stimulate, in a healthy person, symptoms of sickness, but which, for the sick person, stimulate the body’s natural reparative systems.


Organometry is a medical technique based in the relation between acupuncture points, the different organs of the human body, and the remedies which can rebalance these.

What does this treatment consist of?
More than just determining whether a given organ is sick or not, this system also aids in determining which treatments are best suited to stabilize the organ. In our clinic, we use various prestigious, frontline Pitterling brand Bio-Organometrics.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Because the colon is the primary organ charged with expulsing toxins, it must be kept clean and in good health. Its disfunction corresponds with certain unhealthy eating habits.

Statistics show us that seven million north Americans suffer intestinal problems and more than a hundred thousand die each year as a consequence of colon cancer.

Colon Hydrotherapy is a more complete form of cleaning the colon in which we use a sophisticated apparatus to simultaneously extract fecal matter stuck to internal intestinal walls and permitting the elimination of mucous, gas, parasites, and toxic bacteria.


Professor Dr. Cyril Smith of Salford University in the United Kingdom first discovered that the therapeutic impulses that enter in resonance with an organism are effective for a short period of time (fragments of a second). The theory of bioresonance works under the assumption that the oscillations of a healthy person are harmonized while those of a sick person are distorted. Following this discovery, in 1977, bioresonance therapy was developed in Germany using the emission and reception of the patient’s electromagnetic oscillations in order to both diagnose and treat him.


Ozonotherapy utilizes oxygen to treat ulcers, etc. The first use of ozonotherapy is the hermetic plastic bag which encases the entire body, up to the neck, and bathes the body with ozone gasses which effectively regenerate, clean, and disinfect the body’s tissues. Another method, the “sauna bag” cleans the body from the outside with oxygen and by allowing the body to sweat out toxins. A third extrernal method is oxygenized water which is used to treat mouth infections, digestive problems, etc.

Interior uses of ozonotherapy include rectal insuflation which consists of introducing a mixture of ozone and oxygen into the body through the rectum, intramuscular injection, intra-articular injection, ozonizated oil, endonasal insuflation, intravaginal introduction, and subskin injection.

Neural Therapy

Neural therapy is a therapy that regulates the neural systems, aiding its function and the bioenergetic state of the cellular membrane. In other words, neural therapy corrects blockages in neural pathways which prevent certain organs from functioning properly; neural therapy prevents the eventual complete depolarization of these cells. When cells are so irritated or have such strong interferences that they do not have the proper conditions to fix themselves, we use neural therapy. When applying neural therapy, we use a low concentration of local anesthesia.

What does Neural Therapy Cure?
Every sickness has the possibility of being cured by neural therapy. The results of the treatment depend on the proper identification of the origen of the perturbation within the nervous system and, consequently, the application of the therapy in the correct area.
Neural therapy is one of the holistic therapies that gives back to the human body the potential and strength to cure itself.

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Clínica del Doctor Cidón Madrigal
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